2021 5th International Conference on Civil Engineering, Architectural and Environmental Engineering (CEAEE 2021)

Keynote Speakers


Prof. Xiao-Dong Chen
Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power, China
Title: Thinking and practice on the Construction of Beautiful Rivers in Zhejiang Province
Abstract: In order to cooperate with the development of the "Great Garden Vision" in Zhejiang Province, the study introduces how the layout of the works for Beautiful Rivers are based on the topographic characteristics of the plains, mountainous areas, and islands in Zhejiang Province, describes the detailed tasks of ‘Thousands of Rivers and Ten Thousand Streams Water Beauty Project, and elaborates the main content of Beautiful Rivers Construction Standards. Taking the Beautiful Rivers project for Meixi River as an example, the study demonstrates the design and implementation of the river with ‘nostalgia’ as the main theme, and points out ‘artistic weirs’ as future research direction.


Prof. Qiang Li

Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power, China
Title: Mechanical Degradation of Reinforced Concrete Columns Corroded Under Sustained Loads
Abstract: This study presented an experimental investigation on the degradation of mechanical performance of reinforced concrete (RC) columns with the reinforcements corroded under sustained loads. A total of 30 RC column specimens were tested. The effects of different levels of sustained load (0%, 30%, and 60% of the designed ultimate bearing capacity Nu) and reinforcement corrosion (0%, 5%, 10%, and 20%) on the failure modes, ultimate bearing capacity, and axial load–axial deformation relationship were analyzed. The results showed that the coupling adverse effects due to the reinforcement corrosion and sustained load considerably exacerbate the mechanical deterioration of RC columns and turn the failure mode into a much more brittle manner. Based on the test results, an improved model was proposed to estimate the ultimate bearing capacity of corroded RC columns, in which the effects of the corrosion of both longitudinal reinforcements and stirrups and the corrosion-induced spalling of concrete cover were taken into consideration. The close agreements between the analytical predictions and test results prove the applicability of the model.