Welcome A.Prof. Jufeng Zhang, Longdong University, China to be the TPC!


A.Prof. Jufeng Zhang, Longdong University, China




Jufeng Zhang (1983.9 -), male, from Shanxi Province, doctor, associate professor, is mainly engaged in the teaching and research of safety and emergency management. He is also a science and technology expert of Gansu Province, a provincial science and technology Commissioner of Gansu Province, a science and technology innovation leader of Baiyin City, a member of China Emergency Management Association, a member of China Coal Society, and an editorial board member of education modernization. He has presided over and completed many provincial and ministerial level planning projects, won 9 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards, and 5 municipal department level science and technology awards. He has published more than 30 papers in domestic and foreign journals and international conferences, including 4 SCI searches, 16 EI searches, 3 ISTP / CPCI searches, 3 CSCD searches, more than 10 core papers, more than 20 software copyright registrations, and more than 10 patent applications. He won the Eighth National Coal Youth May 4th Medal Nomination Award, National Coal Youth Science and Technology Award, National Green Mine Youth Science and Technology Award, National Coal Mine Outstanding University Graduates and other honorary titles.