Welcome A.Prof. Shuai Huang, National Institute of Natural Hazards, China to be the TPC!


A.Prof. Shuai Huang, National Institute of Natural Hazards, China


黄帅,应急管理部国家自然灾害防治研究院硕士生导师,中国交通运输协会新技术促进分会理事。2015年获得北京科技大学防灾减灾工程及防护工程博士学位。获得人才项目3项:中国科协“青年人才托举工程”项目、中国地震局青年人才项目和北京市优秀人才项目。主持国家级科研项目2项,省部级科研项目3项。发表了包括Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics、Engineering structures、Advanced Engineering Informatics、Extreme mechanics letters、Landslides等期刊第一作者SCI论文12篇,第一作者EI检索论文28篇,出版专著2部。获得省部级科技进步奖8项,授权专利11项,获得软件著作权10项,已申请发明专利10项。


Shuai Huang, master supervisor of National Institute of Natural Hazards, Ministry of Emergency Management, and governing member of New Technology Promotion Branch of China Transport Association. Gained PhD degree in disaster prevention and mitigation engineering and protection engineering from University of Science and Technology Beijing. Awarded 3 talent projects, including the young elite scientists sponsorship program by CAST, youth talent project of the China Earthquake Administration, and excellent researcher award program from Beijing. Chairing 2 national scientific research projects and 2 provincial and ministerial-level research projects. Publishing 12 SCI papers of the first author including Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics, Engineering structures, Advanced Engineering Informatics, Extreme mechanics letters, Landslides, 28 EI papers of the first author, and 2 books. 8 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards were got, 11 utility model patents were authorized, 10 software copyrights are obtained, and 10 invention patents were applied.