Welcome A.Prof. Jixue Zou, Xi'an Eurasia University, China to be the TPC!


A.Prof. Jixue Zou, Xi'an Eurasia University, China



1.    陕西省综合评标评审专家库专家;

2.    高级BIM项目经理;

3.    在线学习平台“百工驿APP“讲师;

4.    全国高等院校广联达软件算量大赛优秀指导教师;

5.    全国高校BIM毕业设计作品大赛网络专家评委;

6.    国家期刊发表多篇核心论文,多项省级和校级课题负责人 ;

7.    西安欧亚学院“十佳教师”“优秀指导教师” “最佳案例奖”;"

8.    欧亚学院“工程造价管理类培训讲师团”首席讲师,负责课程《建筑信息管理技术》《工程造价与计量(土建)》《工程造价软件应用》 ;

9. 第十一届全国高等院校BIM-CIM创新大赛专家评委。



Served as a full-time teacher and head of the curriculum group at Xi'an Eurasia College, mainly engaged in teaching and research work in core courses and professional construction

  1. Expert of Shaanxi Province Comprehensive Evaluation and Evaluation Expert Database
  2. Senior BIM Project Manager
  3. Lecturer of online learning platform “Baigongyi APP”
  4. Excellent Instructor of Glodon Software Calculation Competition in National Colleges and Universities
  5. Online Expert Judge of National University BIM Graduation Design Competition
  6. Published many core papers in national journals, and a number of provincial and school-level project leaders
  7. Top Ten Teachers", "Excellent Instructors" and "Best Case Award" of Xi'an Eurasia University
  8. The chief lecturer of the "Engineering Cost Management Training Lecturer Group" of Xi'an Eurasia University, responsible for the courses "Building Information Management Technology", "Engineering Cost and Measurement (Civil Engineering)", and "Engineering Cost Software Application"
  9. Expert Judge of the 11th National BIM-CIM Innovation Competition for Higher Education Institutions

In the process of course construction, we constantly accumulate construction experience and transform it into written works to share with colleagues. November 2014 teaching a paper published in 2014 Asia-Pacific Conference on humanities and social sciences to explore the "Study on Mechanism project cost studio in improving students' ability in practice," the paper, February 2019, published in Environmental Science and Management magazine a core science and technology paper for "Research on Improvement and Innovation of Environmental Protection Measures in Environmental Buildings" provides suggestions and opinions for the training of engineering cost and engineering management talents. Presided over the November 2018 Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics project "Small Town and Rural Development" and successfully concluding; 2020 May to participate in the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education Project "to build curriculum system based on intelligent 3D scanning and VR technology, construction and practice -Take Xi'an Eurasia University as an example".