Welcome A.Prof.Rosa Francesca De Masi , Department of Engineering,University of Sannio,Italy to to be the TPC!



A. Prof.Rosa Francesca De Masi , Department of Engineering,University of Sannio,Italy

Rosa Francesca De Masi is Assistant professor, already qualified as Associate professor, at University of Sannio, in Benevento (Italy) of Applied Thermodynamics and Heat transfer in Buildings. She was graduated (MSc) in Energy Engineering and then She achieved, at University of Naples Federico II, the Ph.D in Engineering of Mechanical Systems in 2014. Rosa F. De Masi is a member of a research group strongly involved in European Projects, with several research lines, full-scale laboratories and living lab. More in deep, she coordinates the activity of the research group, at the University of Sannio, involved in studies in the matter of building energy efficiency, HVAC systems and equipment, renewable energy sources at the building scale. She is the supervisor of Thesis dissertations, Ph.D. Students and research fellows. R.F. De Masi, also by means of collaboration with foreign institutions, is authors of a