Welcome Assoc.Prof.Xiaorui Dong,Department of information technology,Shengli college, China university of petroleum,China to to be the TPC!

Assoc. Prof.Xiaorui Dong,Department of information technology,

Shengli college, China university of petroleum,China


  • Have Published more than 20 papers, more than 10 of which were indexed by SCI, EI or ISTP. The main contents of these papers are focus on pattern recognition, date mining and evaluation method.
  • Have published 1 computer programming teaching material.
  • Have extensive experience in software engineering project construction, including large projects involving public opinion monitoring, mechanical evaluation, environmental monitoring, etc.
  • Have a number of senior computer and software titles, including systems analyst (no. 10102360003), information systems project manager (no. 12101360004), and systems architect (no. 31420191137050301131).
  • Have been involved in more than 10 scientific research projects, including 1 project supported by national natural science foundation. The main contents of these papers are focus on pattern recognition algorithm, multi-source information fusion and mechanical failure real-time monitoring.