Welcome Dr.Yang Liu,School of architecture and planning,Yunnan University,China to to be the TPC!

Dr.Yang Liu,School of architecture and planning,Yunnan University,China

1. I have published one academic monograph on how to establish a scientific evaluation system and use reasonable evaluation methods to evaluate regional sustainable development.

2. I have published more than 20 papers, more than 10 of which were indexed by EI and ISTP. The main contents of these papers are focus on risk management, evaluation method and construction project management.

3. I have edited and published more than 10 textbooks and participated in the compilation and publication of more than 10 textbooks. The main contents are focus on Quantity Survey, construction project management, management science.

4. One key science and technology subject at the university level of Yunnan University has been completed, the main content of which is building informatization.

5. One general science and technology subject at the university level of Yunnan University was completed, which is mainly about building informatization.

6. Presided over a horizontal project (contract amount of 2.2 million yuan) of Yunnan Provincial Department of communications, which is the research on key issues of refined management of assembly beam bridge construction.

7. Mainly participated in one horizontal project of Yunnan Provincial Department of Communications (contract amount: 2.15 million yuan), which mainly focused on the research of fine management of large-scale rotating bridge construction based on BIM Technology.