Welcome Prof.Guangzhong Lv,Shengli oilfield ,China to to be the TPC!

Prof.Guangzhong Lv,Shengli oilfield ,China

LV guangzhong, male, han nationality, born in October 1974, member of the communist party of China, researcher, shengli oilfield exploration and development research institute. In July 2003, I graduated from China university of petroleum (east China) as a doctoral candidate in oil and gas field development. April 2006 shengli oilfield postdoctoral research station outbound. He served successively as deputy chief engineer of postdoctoral research station of shengli oilfield, expert of gas drive development of research institute of geological sciences, chief expert of oil and gas development of postdoctoral research station of shengli oilfield, secretary of party branch of modern well test room of exploration and development research institute, and deputy director, etc. He is now senior expert of carbon dioxide drive reservoir engineering technology of shengli oilfield.

Long engaged in the theory and method of gas drive, CO2 flooding development core technology, low permeable oil field development and reservoir numerical simulation research work, such as the formation of the coal-fired power plant flue gas CO2 capture, oil displacement, underground storage technology, horizontal well water flooding technology, built the world's first industrial scale coal-fired power plant flue gas CO2 capture, oil displacement, sealed the whole process of demonstration project, broke the high cost, low recovery efficiency, the problem of low stock of sealing, high security risks, has obtained the remarkable economic and social benefits. We have undertaken more than 50 projects for the new and old areas.

It has won two first prizes and one second prize of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress, applied for and authorized 10 invention patents, published more than 60 papers in core journals, retrieved 10 SCI papers and 15 EI papers. Successively obtained the honorary titles of outstanding postdoctoral researcher and outstanding young intellectual of shengli oilfield.