Welcome Dr.Hossein Medi,Architecture Department,Imam Khomeini International University(IKIU),Iran to be the TPC!


  Dr. Hossein Medi,Architecture Department,Imam Khomeini International University(IKIU),Iran


Dr. Hossein Medi was born in Tehran in 1966 and post graduated in Architecture from Iran University of Science and Technology. He defended from PhD thesis entitled "Criteria of Physical Improvement of Atrium Spaces in Offices in Semi-Arid Climate" in 2009. His academic and research field is Passive Performance of glazed structure such as greenhouse and atriums. However, he has focused on ecological approach sustainable development and vernacular architecture in recent years. He has 21 years of experience in architecture teaching with climatic and sustainable approach. He has written and published more than 8 scientific papers in journal and 64 papers in internal and internationalconferences about Architecture Teaching ways, Sustainable Architecture, High Technology in Construction, Thermal Insulating, Ecological Landscaping, Glazed Spaces and Atrium and two books entitled" Applied Guidance for Ecotect Software, An analyzing and Simulating tool" and "Climatic Typology of Rural Housing in Mountain Regions".