Welcome Asst.Prof. Dr.Mahmood Khayat, Iraq to be TPC!

Asst.Prof. Dr.Mahmood Khayat, Salahaddin University-Erbil / Department of architecture, Iraq

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mahmood Khayat is the head of Department of Architecture in Salahddin University, a cofounder of post graduate M.Sc. program in his department, and a cofounder of (Erbil forum for sustainable development). He was the founder of Mahmood khayat architects in 1990 and Arbil engineering company in 2004 in Baghdad before joining Salahaddin University in 2006.

    Dr. Mahmood Khayat holds a Ph.D. Arch.(2002) and M.Sc. Arch(1997) from University of Technology Baghdad- Iraq regarding Architecture as a communication system. Dr. Khayat has published articles, supervised M.Sc. and PhD. students at Salahaddin University and co-supervised and examined one M.A. Student in Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Germany, His research concentrated on defining the vocabulary and grammars of the local Architecture language, this was adopted as a theme of design by making use of perception laws in re calling the architectural vocabulary saved in the deep mental data storage, to create an Environment Friend Architecture that can communicate with the audience.

     Dr. Mahmood Khayat on May 2014 joined the CRSCAD 2014 conference at (UMASS) Boston to present his paper titled (Erbil City Traditional and Vernacular Architecture Disastrous Status). On May 10-11\2016 joined the Institute Francis – Erbil and American university Sulimania conference to present a paper titled (Culture and Change).3-5 June 2016 joined the 13th annual PASCAL Observatory Conference at the University of Glasgow UK. 

     In 2015 he was asked to act as director of Erbil research center for sustainable development and also nominated for (UNESCO Chair for cultural Heritage at Salahaddin University-Erbil).