Keynote Speakers

CEAEE 2018:

Prof.Baoli Zhang, China Agricultural University, China

Title: Study on the application of multistage vertical-flow constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in cold area 

Abstract: Constructed wetland is an ecological engineering technology for low investment, low energy, low operating costs, and high removal rate of nitrogen, phosphorus. In the north of China, its application was restricted by the low temperature in winter. In order to solve its low efficiency and unstable operation problem in winter, we cooperated with Canada to study the vertical flow constructed wetland for suitable cold winter and improve the system stability and the removal efficiency of pollutants. 

    We designed and constructed the multi-stage vertical flow constructed wetland system for the hydraulic loading 70m3/d at HouShiYang village to treat the sewage in Fangshan District. Through the engineering design, adding extra carbon source for denitrification and P adsorption substrate, improved the removal efficiency of N, P in winter without plants and kept system stability in whole year. Results showed that the system could operate stably for whole year and remove pollutants efficiently. The effluent quality could  catch the standard B of “Beijing local standards - water pollutant discharge standard (DB11/307-2013)” .The removal rate BOD5, TN and TP of system was 95.7%, 68.9% and 91.9% respectively.